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rug cleaning

Professional Rug Cleaners North West

Here at Saddleworth Carpet Cleaners we strongly believe that rugs should be perfectly clean and free from any harmful elements. Our rug cleaning eliminates all bacteria, body oils, pet hair, stains and soils causing and unpleasant smells, giving your rugs a brand new look using effective professional, non toxic solutions which make your rugs completely safe for your family.

We clean all types of rugs:

  • wool

  • silk

  • cotton

  • viscose

  • nylon, polypropylene, polyester

Heat Extraction Rug Cleaning
Professional Rug Cleaning Company
Professional Rug Cleaning Company

Rug Treatments

  • fringes whitening (restoration of dull and yellowed fringes with oxidizers)

  • professional odour removal (organic, smoke, flood odours etc)

  • pet hair removal (manual brushing and vacuuming)

  • enzyme treatment (active bacteria that digest any urine or protein leftover in carpets eliminating source of odour)

  • anti-allergen treatment (hypoallergenic odour free disinfecting pre-spray)

  • Proect Nano protector (application of stain protective coating)

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