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carpet cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaners Warrington

Saddleworth Carpet Cleaners has implemented a new approach to professional carpet cleaning because we know how much our customers you care about how safe and clean you want your carpets. Our techniques eliminate dirt, heavy soils, dust, bacteria (causing allergies and asthma), body oils and fungi so you can enjoy total cleanliness and freshness of your carpets.

We clean all types of carpeting:

  • nylon

  • polypropylene

  • wool and wool blends

  • polyester

  • silk

  • acrylic

Heat Extraction Carpet Cleaning Company
Professinal Stairs Carpet Cleaners
Professinal Carpet Cleaners St Helens

Carpet Cleaning Procedure

  1. Inspection; identifying soiled areas, moving light furniture and selecting the most suitable cleaning solution for the job.

  2. Then we pre-spot traffic areas and stains, apply eco-safe shampoo to the whole area being cleaned and our high ph-level formula interacts with all the dirt and harmful elements allowing them to be extracted easily.

  3. Cleaning; we then clean your carpet using powerful, modern, heavy duty machines, allowing careful yet fast removal of any soils, particles, fluids and imbedded smells.

  4. Stain removal; we work thoroughly on stains using effective eco-safe cleaning solutions and some of them require multiple cleaning to reach best look and achieve the best cleaning results.

  5. We then apply light scented deodorisers which create appealing and fresh smells after steam cleaning. In the case of being badly affected by urine or any other strong odours, we provide odour treatment to substitute and eliminate them.

  6. Protect Nano (on request); we can offer all our customers professional dirt protection which creates an invisible barrier against future dirt and stains and helps to keep your home or workplace looking cleaner for longer!

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